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Jim Creegan's Info

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.....Jim was born on February 12, 1970 in Scarborough, Ontario. Jim, along with his brother Andy, joined BNL in 1989 as the bassist. Jim stands out among the group as the strong, quiet, tall redhead. He often gets teased by interviewers by being compared to the comedian, Carrottop. But honestly.. there's no comparison... get over it folks.

.....Jim started out in music at a very young age. His family had alot of influence on his musical talents. He was exposed to many different forms and types of music, which has given him such versatility. Jim and his brother Andy would get together and sing at family gatherings and such. For some unknown reason the two could just start a tune and it would come out wonderfully. They always just "clicked". They had started off singing in small groups with their school, church and friends, and things just took off for them from there.

..... Jim says he always wanted to be a track star and never thought about being a professional musician.In fact, he's set records! Jim ran the 4 x 800 meter with his university track team.

.....Jim's baby is his double upright base. It was made for him by Jacques Gagnon of Montreal. Jim also has acquired a Zeta Bass in the past few years. That is the wonderful stand up electric bass you hear in songs like, "I Live With It". It really is an amazing addition to the bandŐs sound. Jim also plays a blond Ken Smith 5-string and an early 70's Fender Jazz Bass.

.....Jim's baby Jim has also worked on solo recordings with his brother Andy. They are available privately and soon in record stores throughout North America. The CD's are titled, Brothers Creeggan I and Brothers Creeggan II. Brothers Creeggan have been touring while BNL have been on hiatus so check their home page for more details.

.....Jim's baby Jim has also appeared on a solo CD done by Kevin Hearn and on the latest Sarah McLachlan CD 'Surfacing'. Jim has moved back to the Toronto area after spending living in New York city to study music and..... I do believe to spend some long over due time with his girlfriend.

.....Jim can be reached via email at Here

Jim's Favorites:


  • To Live
  • The Man In The White Suit
  • Brazil


  • Wrong Eyed Jesus - Jim White
  • Ella & Louis - Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
  • Miss America - Mary Margaret O'Hara


  • Stabbed Me In The Heart - Jim White
  • Callin All Angels - Jane Siberry
  • I Remember Clifford - Benny Golson


  • Susanna Baca - Ny Newschool Audience, NYC
  • Radiohead - Irving Plaza, NYC
  • Sex Mob - The Knitting Factory, NYC


  • NYC
  • San Francisco
  • Boise


  • Legs - ZZ Top
  • Why - Annie Lennox

New Bands/Artits:

  • Jim White
  • Puss Pie
  • The Molestics

Media Scandals:

  • Anti-Cuban propaganda by mainstream america media
  • Downplayed coverage of Chiapas Massacre in Mexico 12/21/97


  • Shalimar - Toronto
  • Mojo - Vancouver
  • Oznots - Brooklyn, NY

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