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..... The Barenaked Ladies were formed in 1988 by members of the band, Steven Page and Ed Robertson. The two were childhood friends from the Toronto suburbs. They attended the Scarborough Board of Education's summer music camp, where they realized how well they played together. Later the two decided to name their band "Barenaked Ladies". This name came to them at a boring Bob Dylan concert as a joke. The itself is meant to represent a youthful naivet. Sort of like when young boys walk around laughing and talking about "Barenaked Ladies". In no way at all is the name meant to be sexist, even though most people don't see it as that.

.... The first ever Barenaked Ladies show was on October 1st, 1988 for the second Harvest Food Bank at Nathan Phillips Square benefit. The two recorded their first demo tape in 1989 called Buck Naked. It was recorded in the basement of Ed's parents. Ed said that 500 copies were distributed. On the other hand Steve says it was more like 150. Their alumni friends, Jim & Andy Creeggan, soon started to jam with them. In 1990 they gathered to make another BNL demo called Barenaked Lunch. Soon after Andy left the band.

..... While the three were playing at The Buskers Festival in Waterloo, they met Tyler Stewart. Tyler fell in love with their humor and antics. The now quartet started to play at local clubs and started a new age in acoustic hip-hop.

.....Their songs had already become favoriteson Canadian alternative radio stations. In 1990 YTV (Youth Achievement Awards) awarded the band with the nations best band award.

.....A highlight in the bands history, was when they met Sean Ono Lennon, who took, "Be My Yoko Ono", home to his mother, and later told the band about how much she liked it. In 1991 the band was again awarded with favorite overall Group by CASBY, Canadian Artists Selected By You. Ed and Steve also won the Most Promising Songwriter award.

.....After independently funding for their full length CD, they released "Gordon" in 1992 (July). 24 hours after it was released more than 80,000 copies were sold.

.....Their second CD, Maybe You Should Drive was released 8/16/94. Shortly thereafter the tour for M.Y.S.D., Andy Creeggan decided it was time for him to move on in life. "Pursue other interests". He and his brother Jim currently have two independent releases, while Andy is currently following his academic dreams.

.....BNL's 3rd release, " Born On APirate Ship", was recorded without a 5th member. Before the new tour started, Kevin Hearn joined BNL, taking Andy's place. They have since recorded 2 additional CD's: "Rock Spectacle" (a live recording), and "Stunt", their newest CD to be released 7/7/98 throughout North America.

.....BNL currently continues to tour North America and the United Kingdom, while having huge success everywhere they go. Top of Page

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