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.....Born October 25, 1970, Raised in Scarborough, Ontario. In June 1994, Ed married Natalie Herbert and now reside in Toronto, Ontario with their daughter, dog and three cats. Miss Hannah Robertson born, November 17,1995 can now be seen on any BNL-TV channel in your town. Mrs. Robertson has a full time job at her humble abode, raising an infant, a dog named Connor, and the three cats; Owen, Hester (both named for one of Ed's favorite books, A Prayer for Owen Meany) and Finley (named for the BNL tour manager).

..... Ed began playing guitar in the 5th grade. In 1988 he and Steven Page started singing and playing together as "The Barenaked Ladies".

..... Ed has three tattoos. On his right deltoid area he has the Canadian flag. On his left deltoid area he has a map of the world going around his arm. On a recent interview I also heard Ed talk about a tattoo on his left hip/groin region, which was unseen and not described. So I can't say if it's really there or not.

..... Ed currently plays a blue electric Fender Stratocaster. Prior to that he used the same blonde Fender Strat, seen onstage since the "Gordon" tour. However during a brief period of time on the MYSD tour however, he did play a Gotoh electric that has seemingly disappeared. He then returned to his blonde Strat until the fall of 1997 when it was replaced with the new blue model.

.....Ed can be reached via email at bnaked@passport.ca

Ed's Favorites:


  • Citizen Kane
  • Blade Runner
  • Defending Your Life
  • It's A Wonderful


  • Joshua Judges Ruth- Lyle Lovett
  • Greatest Hits - Crowded House
  • Whale Music - Rheostatics
  • Nil Lara - Nil Lara


  • Weather With You - Crowded House
  • She's Already Made Up Her Mind - Lyle Lovett
  • Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes - Taj Mahal

Beetle Song:

  • Blackbird


  • Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder-Boulder, CO
  • Soul Coughing - Blossom Music Theatre, OH
  • Wayfaring Strangers - Bottom Line, NYC


  • NYC
  • Las Vegas
  • Boise


  • Any and all Beastie Boys, Beck and Foo Fighters

New Bands/Artits:

  • Nils Lara
  • Starling
  • Tom Green

Media Scandals:

  • Diana killed "by" the media...not "by" an unfit driver who was speeding.
  • Barenaked Ladies shut out at the Grammys
  • Barenaked Ladies win 10 grammies


  • Automatic Slims - Memphis
  • Churassco - Houston
  • China Grill - NYC


  • Green

New Years Resolution: "Get back into good physical shape... When I get around    

                                                                                   to it."

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